Stepper motors

Disc stepper motors

The exceptional possibilities offered by our line of disc magnet stepper motors is unequalled by any other kind of stepper motor. The advanced technology allows exceptional dynamic performances including; high speed, impressive acceleration ramps and high positional accuracies. The unique thin disc magnet enables finer step resolutions than its hybrid and permanent magnet counterparts. The shortened magnetic circuit presents lower iron losses and so means high speeds, greater positional accuracies and steeper acceleration ramps in comparison to its hybrid and can stack alternatives. This unique design takes full advantage of rare earth magnets and features: – Low rotor inertia resulting in outstanding acceleration and high start and stop frequencies – Short magnetic circuit allowing high speed and boost capabilities – A specific magnetization method gives smaller step angles than conventional permanent magnet stepper motors and so when micro stepped can lead to greater positional accuracies. – Optimized package size yields incremental movement in the shortest possible time. With holding torques from 1.5 mNm to 600 mNm and angular acceleration up to 200’000 rad/s2, these high-speed stepper motors excel in applications that require the precision of a stepper and the speed and acceleration of a brushless DC motor.

Model   Diameter
Step Angle
Steps per Revolution Detent Torque, Typical
Holding Torque, nominal current

P010 Portescap

10 9 40 0,55 2,4

P110 Portescap

16 15 24 1 7

P310 Portescap

32 6 60 2,6 60

P430 Portescap

39 3,6 100 3,5 60

P520 Portescap

52 3,6 100 10 120

P532 Portescap

52 3,6 100 28 205

P760 Portescap

85 7,5 48 20 325

PP520 Portescap

52 3,6 100 10 120