Drivers for stepper motors

The high-performance motor controllers with integrated final output stage unify the latest technology in the smallest possible space. All motor controllers can be quickly and easily parameterized with software, which is available free of charge. Using optionally available encoders, stepper motors can be operated with these motor controllers in closed loop, like a brushless DC motor. Our drivers for stepper motors offer very high performance – Current up 10.5 A per phase – Operating voltage from 12 to 48V – Up to 64 microsteps per step – up to 6 digital or opto-coupler inputs – up to 8 outputs – Various interfaces such as RS485, RS232, CAN Open, EtherCAT, Modbus, etc. – “Plug & Drive” – intelligent motor solutions, Nema 17-34 IP65 rated available

Model   Chopper frequency
Supply Voltage
Suitable for Peak current
Interface Current

SMCP Nanotec

0 to 50 kHz in clock-direction mode, 0 to 25 kHz in all other modes 12 V to 48 VDC Stepper 4 RS485, USB 2