Spur gearboxes

Our extensive spur gearbox range offers good torque to size ratios coupled with high efficiencies. Multiple gears trains allows the possibility to have very high ratios. Thanks to this technology it is possible to; – Have low friction per gear train. – Arrange gear trains per design of the gearbox. – Input and output shafts that do not necessarily have to be in line. – Low / No backlash versions – Long gearbox of smaller diameter or short gearbox of large diameter can be proposed. Cylindrical or ovoid, our spur gearbox range can deliver torques up to 4 Nm at very competitive prices. If the standard configuration does not meet the application requirement then a customised design could be proposed, even for low volumes.

Model   Diameter
Backlash average at no-load
Max. Continuous Torque
Max. Recommended Input Speed

B16 Portescap

16 1,5 81 0,12 8000

BA16 Portescap

16 1,5 72 0,2 8000

K24 Portescap

24 1,5 85 0,17 5000

K27 Portescap

27 2 65 0,4 4000