BLDC Slotless

The slotless brushless DC motors use the a cylindrical ironless coil manufactured utilising the same winding technique as coreless DC motors. The new Ultra EC range with its innovative, unique coil design revolutionizes the current standards in relation to brushless motors of the same size and with the same number of poles. The Ultra EC range with its patented U coil technology will satisfy your most exacting requirement whatever your field of applications. • ECS motors can achieve powers of up to 180W at speeds of 50,000 rpm. • ECT motors can achieve torque performances which are up to 150% higher than their rivals. • ECP motors offer 30% higher torque and 100% more power at similar or even lower cost.
Model Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Nominal Voltage (V) Max Continuous Torque (mNm) No-Load Speed (rpm)
22ECS60 10B 17 .01
Brushless DC motors 22ECS60 10B 17 .01
22 60 24 44,5 43000 VIEW
22ECS60 10B 21 .01
Brushless DC motors 22ECS60 10B 21 .01
22 60 24 45,9 35000 VIEW