Can Stack Motors

Often referred to as a “Can Stack","tin can”, or“ permanent magnet” motors, the can stack motor is a low cost and low resolution stepper motor with typical step angles of 7.5 to 18° (48 – 20steps/revolution). Can Stack motion technology focusses on simplicity and uses the simplest of techniques and designs to create an effective motion solution. Can stack motors are usually 2 phase in construction. They consist of two stator cups with claw tooth poles formed around a winding creating each half of the motor. The rotor has the same number of pole pairs as the stator, while the poles on each stator cup are constructed to be a half a pole pitch apart. With two coils, this means there can be 4 discrete positions per pole pitch. A 2-phase motor, for example, with 12-pole pairs in each stator / coil sector will therefore have 48 steps per revolution or 7.5 degrees per step. From 3.9 mNm up to 300 mNm in a size from diam. 15 mm up to 60 mm, our range of permanent stepper motors is the simplest motion solution for a wide range of applications that require high continuous motor torque but don't require the absolute positioning of a servo system.
Model Diameter (mm) Operating Voltage (VDC) (V) Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (VAC) Rated Current per Phase (A) Holding Torque, Min (mNm)
Stepper motors 42M048D1B
42 5 650 for 2 seconds 0.55 202.8 VIEW
Stepper motors 42M048D2B
42 12 650 for 2 seconds 0.23 202.8 VIEW