DC Micromotors

The brushed DC coreless motor technology offers the distinct advantages of; - High efficiency, - High power density, - Low starting voltages - Absence of iron losses, - Good thermal dissipation - Linear torque-speed function. They are perfect for compact applications requiring high acceleration, torque/ size ratio, low friction with no cogging. The brushed DC motors range can be offered with a wide variety of spur, planetary and custom gearheads and encoders or brakes. The brushed DC coreless motors are ideal for small and portable devices where high performance is demanded. The brushed DC coreless motor range offers you: - Frame sizes from 8 to 35 mm - Speeds from 5,000 to 14,000 rpm. - Power from 0.7W to 200W - Continuous motor torque from 0.36 to 160 mNm - Low rotor inertia - REE® coil (Reduction of Electro Erosion = Longer life) - High power to weight ratio - Neodymium magnets on selected motors - Precious metal or Graphite copper commutations are available. - Sleeve and ball bearing versions - High motion efficiency, that allows you to build the most compact, precise and energy-efficient solution.
Model Diameter (mm) Nominal Voltage (V) No-Load Speed (rpm) Max Motor Speed (rpm) Typical No-Load Current (mA) Price
35 24 5835 10000 120 VIEW