Disability Equipment - Stair lift
Quality, safety and reliability as well as efficiency, low noise and size are paramount in such applications, DELTA LINE has the right product and technologies to meet the demands of this application.
Liquid Analyser
X/Y/Z movements can be enacted using precision hybrid stepper motor technology or linear motions solutions. Rinse / Wash Pumps - Are ideally suited to the BLDC motors either std configuration or the outer rotor series. Carousel Motors- Hybrid technology lends itself to these functions especially when coupled to an encoder to close the loop and give improved positional accuracy. Capping / Decapping - Hybrid or BLDC technologies are suited to this type of application due to their size and when an encoder is added positional accuracy. Bar code scanning - Flat BLDC motors with their reduced size and impressive power output lend themselves to this function. Sample transportation - Coreless motor gearboxes and BLDC solutions make good options depending upon the size and power required to transport the sample.
Physiotherapy Equipment
When recovering from surgery, rehabilitation equipment that is quiet, smooth running, powerful and reliable. DELTA LINE has proven solutions to meet the demands of most rehabilitation equipment.
Surgical hand tool
When there is a need for high power small frame sized efficient motors, Coreless DC and BLDC motors are commonly used in such demanding applications.
Syringe pump
Syringe Pumps-Coreless product with gearboxes due to their efficiency and low power consumption are an excellent choice for this application. Dosing pumps - Hybrid stepper product in conjunction with a feedback device are a good match enabling micro and nano litre dispensing.
X Ray / Oncology Equipment - Collimators
Leaf actuation-Coreless DC motor / gearboxes due to their size and power are ideally suited to this function. X Ray head- Hybrid stepper due to their size to weight to power ratio are a good fit for this function