Airport X Ray Scanner
Be it a desk top or larger airport X ray scanner, products that are quiet, efficient, reliable are a must for this application and that is why Hybrid stepper and BLDC motors coupled with gearing solutions are used worldwide.
Barrier opening system
High power to size ratios coupled with exceptional torque characteristics as well as long life contribute to the use of DELTA LINE motion solutions in barrier systems.
CCTV camera
Coreless DC motors with their exceptional power to weight ratio, power efficiency and the ability to adapt to slow and high speed velocity profiles lend themselves to high precision surveillance systems. Hybrid stepper motors are also utilised in many CCTV applications where cost is paramount.
Door opening system
Low maintenance, reliability, low power consumption and low noise are all factors manufacturers take into consideration when choosing BLDC, gearing solutions along with intelligent drives for their opening systems.
Locking system
Exceptional power to size ratio combined with low noise and low current consumption are factors that leading manufacturers in locking systems consider when choosing motion solutions from DELTA LINE.
Swimming pool Cover
Safety, security and reliability are paramount in this application, that is why leading manufacturers have chosen BLDC motors, gearing solutions and intelligent drives for their applications.