Engraving & marking equipment
For this type of application, solutions with high speed of movement, precise positional accuracy and repeatability, this is when the hybrid stepper solutions fitted with encoders, come into their own.
Industrial Analyser
X/Y/Z movements can be enacted using, intelligent drivers, precision hybrid stepper motor technology or linear motion solutions. Rinse / Wash Pumps - Are ideally suited to the BLDC motors either standard configuration or the outer rotor series. Carousel Motors- Hybrid technology lends itself to this functions especially when coupled to an encoder to close the loop and give improved positional accuracy. Capping / De capping - Hybrid stepper motor or BLDC technologies are suited to this type of application due to their size and when an encoder is added - positional accuracy. Bar code scanning - Flat BLDC motors with their reduced size and impressive power output lend themselves to this function. Sample transportation - Coreless motor gearboxes and BLDC solutions make good options depending upon the size and power required to transport the sample.
Logistic & Storage Equipment - Conveyor system
When factory throughput needs to be maximised and downtime minimised, BLDC motors are the right choice as their exceptional quality, reliability power to size ratio and life time, mean that OEMs can almost fit and forget these solutions in their systems.
Nut runner
Light, powerful efficient solutions are key to this type of application. The lighter the tool, the more productive a work force can be. Brushless motors assist in this task by being both light, powerful but most of all - long life.
PAPR Respirator
Flat BLDC motors lend themselves to this application due to: * Low noise characteristics, * Smooth running - balanced rotors * High power to size ratio. * Long life expectancy
Pick and Place machines
For this type of application solutions with high positional accuracy and repeatability as well as speed of movement are required, this is where the Disc magnet stepper solutions come into their own. Hybrid stepper motors, BLDC motors and Linear solutions are ideally suited to the X/Y functions.