3D Printer
Accuracy, repeatability, lifetime and quality are demanded in this emerging segment, Hybrid stepper motors offer this and much more…
AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)
The combination of BLDC motors with spur or planetary gearing solutions and intelligent drives mean that size and power optimisation, as well as reliability can be achieved for drive, lifting and steering functions in this type of application.
Humanoid Robot
Flat BLDC, due to their power to size ratio, cost and customisability mean that DELTA LINE BLDC solutions are the choice of the industry leaders in the field of humanoid robotics.
Lawn mower robot
If smooth running, low noise and reliability are what you require in your next robot then take a look at the BLDC and gearing solutions as they lend themselves ideally to this type of application.
ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
BLDC motors with their customisation capability, reliability and size to power ratio, as well as exceptional quality mean that this technology is ideally suited to thruster motors as well as propulsion functions.
Telepresence robot
Low noise, exceptional power to weight ratio is required to achieve the desires of this application and both the BLDC and Hybrid stepper motors in conjunction with gearing solutions give the optimal solution.