Coordinate-measuring Machine
When smooth precise movement is required with exceptional positional accuracy as well as repeatability the DC coreless motors with feedback devices coupled with customised gearing solutions from DELTA LINE are unbeatable.
Dosing system
If micro or even nano litres are needed to be dispensed consistently then Hybrid Stepper or Coreless DC / BLDC motors fitted with feedback devices are the ideal choice of product for this application.
Gas Analyser
Portable intrinsically safe, battery powered gas analysers are becoming smaller whilst analysing more and so the use of small powerful current efficient coreless DC / BLDC motors are typically used in this demanding application.
Inspection machines
Smooth operation, low current consumption, low speed and backlash as well as low power dissipation are some of the characteristics required in applications for this segment.
Working continuously on this application, operators state that noise and vibration can cause issues, BLDC, Flat BLDC and Disc magnet stepper motors have proven ideally suited to the demands of this type of application.
Viscometery / Rheometery equipment
Small energy efficient DC coreless motors with a linear torque / current curve, are ideally suited to this type of product, with their small frame size and high torque capabilities this is why producers look to the DC coreless range of motors for their application.