Circular Knitting machines
Stepper motors lend themselves well to the yarn tensioner, stitch adjustment and sinker plate adjustment functions in this highly competitive market.
Embroidery Machines
BLDC and stepper motors are home in this type of application being utilised in functions such as main drive motors, needle catcher, needle changer axis or Sequin feeders.
Flat Knitting machines
Be it motors for the main drive, yarn cutting, sinker plate adjustment, or yarn guides Delta Line has the motion solution for this demanding application.
Screen Printing Machines
Production volumes and print speeds are paramount in this type of machine and that is why BLDC or Hybrid stepper motors are ideally suited particularly for the X / Y axis.
Spinning machines
Spindle drive motors, yarn tensioning, yarn lubrication are all axis that the BLDC and stepper range are ideally suited to.
Yarn Preparation Machines
Power saving motors are typically used for bobbin winding, yarn tensioning, yarn lubrication and yarn guides can all be sourced for one safe source.