Fertiliser distribution systems
Farm profitability is ultimately dependent on a multitude of input and running costs. Fertiliser costs can play a major part in terms of profitability and there is often a huge potential for cost savings to be achieved by optimising the distribution method through which these fertilisers are applied. Electro-mechanical systems are now replacing existing mechanical / pneumatic solutions and can improve farm profitability by ensuring the efficient and effective spreading of fertiliser. BLDC motors coupled to customer specific gearboxes and drives form an integral part of this delivery system.
Harvesting machines
The modern combine harvester or combine is a versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. The environment is tough and arduous due to the conditions in which these machines are working. Water and dust ingression can cause all manner of issues, however many manufacturers are turning to electro- mechanical systems for adjustment of the rollers, blades and slide elements. More and more these systems are now controlled from the cab thus increasing the time to harvest and thus production yields.
Hydraulic equipment replacement
Today as agricultural equipment is becoming ever more sophisticated, electro-mechanical systems are assisting existing technologies such as hydraulics and pneumatics but are also replacing them. Users want more automation in their equipment that is easier to use and is adaptable and flexible. This is where the precision of both BLDC and Hybrid stepper systems come into their own, when productivity and production yields are being considered.
Precision Seed Drills
Precision seed drills use an improved seed selection and ejection system which enables accurate seed placement at variable working speeds. The electrically driven seed metering system allows application rates to be manually adjusted on the move from within the drivers cab. BLDC motors with long life and robustness are ideally suited to this tough environment.
Pruning Scissors / Vine binding equipment
Users today are looking for their hand tools to be lighter, faster, simple to use, and cost effective, to enable higher production yields and longer run time in the field and that is why many users opt for BLDC systems that utilise the latest motor and gearbox technologies to give the performance, life and quality expected in this fiercely competitive market place.
Robotic milking machines
Producing high-quality milk requires time and care, it also requires healthy and happy cows. It therefore requires making the right choices with respect to the equipment incorporated into the milking machines. That’s why many of the leaders in this industry are using BLDC and Hybrid Stepper systems in teat cleaning, animal feed distribution and the application to the teat of disinfectant post milking.