New Fulling Ø 60mm, 100W flat Brushless DC Motor

Following the 45BLW and 32BLW, Fulling is launching a new 100W 60BLW flat brushless DC motor.


Thanks to the flat and open design, the 60BLW, with a diameter of 60mm and a length of 38mm, allows optimal thermal dissipation even at high speeds, thus allowing to push still further its application limits. Furthermore, the 14 poles guarantee smooth operation at low speed.

Thanks to its robustness, the 60BLW offers a high life span.


The ideal solution for limited spaces

The 60BLW can be combined with most of the spur and planetary gearboxes in our range.

Standalone or coupled to a gearbox, the 60BLW is particularly suited to applications where space is limited, such as robotics, industrial equipment, laboratory equipment, to name just a few.