BLDC flat motors are the ideal solution for many applications thanks to their compact package.

Designed to guarantee high loads, and fast and precise applications. The NEW 90BLW flat Brushless, launched by Fulling Co. Ltd, expands the range and provides users with outstanding power in narrow spaces. The new multipolar design with external rotor makes these motors very high precision solutions.


The NEW 90 mm Flat will be available with 2 lengths 27 and 39 mm. These two variants can solve many different drive challenges; with its continuous torque up to 1 Nm (in the 39 mm length version) it will be the most powerful drive in our Flat range.

Thanks to its features, the NEW 90 mm Flat is an interesting choice as direct drive (without gearbox).


This innovative and compact motor can be used in: Electric wheels, Robotics, AGV and many more applications…