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DELTA LINE, which offers Europe´s most unique distribution platform for motion control solutions from world-leading brands, is making available the expanded series of Portescap Ultra EC™ brushless DC slotless motors. The Ultra EC™ range is ideal for a wide range of applications across the general industrial and medical sectors, and can be supplied in diameters from 16 to 35mm, from 27 to 330W continuous power, and in three variants designed to deliver different performance attributes.35ECS motor delivers up to 330W continuous power


The first of the three variants, the Ultra ECS line, delivers ultra-high speed and refined dynamics. ECS series motors are tailored for applications that include respirators, medical and dental hand tools, impellers, and high-speed spindles, to list but a few. According to DELTA LINE, the high-end magnetic and mechanical design of ECS motors enable mechanical power as high as 180W continuous at 50,000 rpm in a 22mm diameter motor, or 330W continuous at 27,000 rpm in a 35mm diameter motor.


Moving to the Ultra ECT line, these motors have been developed to provide ultra-high torque in a compact package. Thanks to a multipolar design, ECT line units can deliver up to twice the continuous torque of comparable brushless DC motors of the same size. DELTA LINE says they are specifically adapted to applications such as industrial hand tools, screwdrivers and robot axes. Maximum continuous torque is as high as 98 mNm in a 22mm diameter motor, and up to 220 mNm in a 30mm diameter motor.


Finally, the Ultra ECP line is designed to offer ultra-high performance in all applications. These motors balance speed and torque with their two-pole design to fulfil a wide range of tasks in factory and laboratory automation and robotics. ECP motors are available from DELTA LINE in 16 and 22mm diameter variants.


All three motors are based on the innovative and patented U-coil design using straight copper turns to minimize joule and iron losses, while simultaneously maximizing available power to achieve application-specific requirements like higher efficiency and cooler operation. Standard configurations available from DELTA LINE include a variety of coils to match speed and voltage requirements, although customized specifications can also be requested, such as for gearboxes, encoders, coil variations and mechanical interface modifications.


The innovative U-coil design patented by Portescap.