New Electronic Drives for Smooth Command of Stepper Motors

DELTA LINE expands its offering of stepper motors electronic drives by adding a new range of programmable E&D drives to its portfolio. The E&D Sagittarius family, available with different fieldbus interfaces, delivers very high communication speed and is able to provide high rated current, up to 7.1 Arms.


DELTA LINE, a European leader in the production of cutting-edge solutions for the motion control industry, announced the launch of a new line of fieldbus vector drives under its brand E&D, characterized by innovative performance. These drives allow to command stepper motors also in closed loop of torque, speed and position, with a drastic noise reduction, less heating, and extremely smooth movements. Suitable for driving 2-phase hybrid stepper motors, they can be coupled mainly with the series of motors from 20mm to 110mm. Completely digital, Sagittarius drives offer exceptional reliability combined with mechanical compactness and a competitive price. They can be used in many types of machines where there is already a fieldbus master controller to control single or multi-axial systems.


In particular, the SBA207EA02 and SBA207T001, are distinguished by very high communication speed made possible by Ethernet technology. These drives rely on different interface options - Ethernet Modbus TCP, compliant with Profinet fieldbuses, for the SBA207T001; EtherCAT fieldbus for the SBA207EA02, which allows interpolation.


E&D Sagittarius drives features make them extremely versatile and particularly suitable for applications in which not only versatility, precision and speed are required such as Robotics, CNC Machines or 3D Printing, but also smooth and silent movements as in the medical field.


The E&D Sagittarius drives can be ideally combined with all our stepper motors with integrated encoder.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Very high communication speed
  • Different fieldbus options
  • High rated current up to 7.1 Arms
  • Programmability