DELTA LINE Launches New High-Performance and Compact Brushless Motors

DELTA LINE welcomes the new FULLING 40BL range of optimized brushless motors in four variants. Thanks to its compact design, the 40BL combines greater efficiency and power in a small unit, being an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.


DELTA LINE, Europe’s leading manufacturer of motion control solutions, has extended its portfolio with the launch of the 40BL range of brushless motors from its company FULLING. The new 40BL series (14 poles design) offers high power and performance while ensuring greater efficiency thanks to its small sizes. The compact design and round shape make it the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications, from logistics equipment and mobile robotics to packaging machinery and power tools.


The new Ø40mm round brushless motors comprise two models, each coming in two variants to satisfy different customer’s needs – the 40BL-26/12V-24V and the 40BL-36/18V-36V. Available in two different lengths, 26mm and 36mm, the 40BL is able to generate a rated power that ranges from 44W up to 75W depending on the model. Thanks to their optimized magnetic circuit, these motors offer one of the highest torque density in this category and low cogging torque, achieving rated torque of 43 mNm and 52 mNm for the 40BL-26/12V-24V, and 69 mNm and 83 mNm for the 40BL-36/18V-36V.


The 40BL series represents a great addition to DELTA LINE’s existing range of brushless motors, as it guarantees more efficient performance even in the most challenging applications. Product customization as variation of standard motor elements or modular combination is also possible thanks to DELTA LINE’s outstanding in-house engineering team capabilities. For example, the 40BL can be ideally coupled with our high performance planetary gearboxes of the GP42-S series and with our E&D GEMINI fieldbus vector drives, all available in DELTA LINE’s comprehensive portfolio.


Main advantages at a glance:


  • Very high torque density and low cogging torque
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Compact and solid round shape