Legal Notes

Legal Notes    


The content published on , unless otherwise and explicitly indicated, is protected by current copyright law that safeguards creative and original content constituting the multimedia work, along with subsequent modifications and integrations, and may not be replicated on other websites, mailing lists, newsletters, printed magazines, and other media (e.g., DVDs, etc.) or mediums not specified, without the prior authorization of Delta Line S.A., Via Pre d'la 1, 6814 Lamone, Switzerland, VAT number CHE-222.145.903, regardless of the purpose of use.

Authorization must be requested in writing via email and is deemed accepted only upon explicit written consent from the legal representative of Delta Line S.A. Any lack of response from Delta Line S.A. is not to be interpreted under any circumstances as tacit authorization.

Reproduction, rental, lending, and distribution without the authorization of Delta Line S.A. is prohibited, except in the cases specified below.

Graphic elements and HTML/XHTML code are to be considered the exclusive property of Delta Line S.A.


Partial exclusion from the prohibition of content reproduction

Content present on may be partially reproduced on third-party websites, newsletters, or digital and printed media in the form of abstracts, provided that:

  • The reproduced content does not exceed 15% of the characters of the original article;
  • A clear and prominently visible link to the original article published on is provided;
  • The name of the original author is clearly indicated.


Site Owner's Responsibility

Delta Line S.A. is not responsible for damages caused, directly or indirectly, by the use of information (provided on an "as-is" basis) present on

Regarding content not owned by Delta Line S.A., the right to quote is exercised. In particular, all trademarks mentioned, and logos reproduced on belong to their rightful owners. These trademarks are mentioned for informational purposes only.


Links from the site to other Internet sites

The website provides some links to other Internet sites. By using these links, you exit the current site. Delta Line S.A. cannot constantly review such sites, nor does it manage them or is responsible for the material contained within them.

Therefore, Delta Line S.A. provides no warranty regarding the content, information, software, other products, materials, or any results obtained on such sites. Accessing other sites via the links on this site is the exclusive responsibility of the user.


Links to the site from other Internet sites

Any site linking (so-called "Linking") to the Internet site must comply with applicable legal provisions and the following instructions for links:

  • The content of the site must not be duplicated;
  • It must not misrepresent alleged partnerships with Delta Line S.A.;
  • It must not provide false information about Delta Line S.A. products;
  • It must not use the Delta Line S.A. logo without permission;
  • It must not contain indecent or offensive content but should be suitable for people of all ages.


Cyber Attacks and Malware

Despite periodic checks of the Site, Delta Line S.A. cannot guarantee that it is immune from viruses or other potentially harmful programs. Before accessing the network and performing any operation during navigation, the user must always adopt the most updated protection measures, for which they will be solely and exclusively responsible.

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