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2008 - 2018 Delta Line from distributor to motion systems production company

Understanding the market need for more flexibility and customized motion solutions, in 2008 Delta Line started to acquire shares of a large, established motor and gearbox manufacturer. This was the beginning of Delta Line’s relationship with the Chinese company Changzhou Fulling Motors and a foundational step in our future acquisition and partnering strategy. Our goals were to acquire a wide production capability, increase our reactiveness to customer demands and increase the availability of high-quality products at a very competitive price.

Starting with a Quality Foundation
Today our manufacturing facility of 30’000 sqm (323’000 sqft) produces over 5 million motors and gearboxes a year, and employs more than 600 people with a team of around 50 highly qualified engineers. In all our facilities we maintain a number of site-level certifications such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. At the product level, all products are CE/UKCA Certified with RoHS and REACH compliance.

The quality of our products is now known to many and has become our hallmark. To ensure this we maintain a stringent quality control infrastructure within each of our product manufacturing lines. In addition to in-line quality production tests, we have a robust lab with extensive testing capabilities. Our lab has high-end motor test equipment such as dynamometers, vibration test systems, MEA test systems, temperature /environmental test chambers, surge testing equipment and more. We can submit motor samples to environmental challenges such as steam sterilization, IPX1-6 waterproof tests, IP5/6X dustproof tests, and the infamous salt spray test. We have the capability of performing non-destructive visual tests with our CMMs (ZEISS and others), VICIVISION, and KEYENCE measuring systems. We can perform other tests including metal analysis, bearing vibration, brake tests, surface roughness, microhardness, x-fluorescence spectrometer, drop tests, electrostatic discharge test systems, and more. Our thorough investment in laboratory testing capabilities has allowed us to provide motors in a wide spectrum of applications all over the world.

Flexibility as a Production Standard
Our initial step in investing in manufacturing capability was to design an organization that could scale with customer volume and maintaining maximum product flexibility. This has remained our focus as customer demands are becoming more and more specific. We know that OEMs need the right fit with the right performance. This is why we offer an expansive catalog of customizable products including stepper motors, DC Brush motors, DC Brushless motors, linear actuators, integrated motors, and gearboxes. Our motor design engineers support an expanding range of motor design modifications, from small feature changes on catalog motors to new motors designed to custom specifications. Changes to catalog motors can encompass mechanical modifications including shaft dimensions, keyway types, different face mount options, etc. Our new customers are often surprised to discover that we have full design control over our motors, which enables us to support more intrinsic motor changes including winding options, slot/pole combinations, feedback selections, and more. Delta Line can also provide higher-level assemblies and integrated control systems for a streamlined customer manufacturing process. Additionally, our highly qualified design and engineering team based in Switzerland specializes in mechatronic systems for our customers.

Since our engineering and development teams are located in Europe, China, and the USA we can work efficiently with our customers wherever they are. With our technical experts plugged into a variety of applications, we can see various industry trends and needs. As a result of understanding current technical trends, we continue to add customizable platform products to serve these needs. Examples of recent products introduced as a result of customer demand include integrated motors, AGV/AMR wheel hub gearboxes, frameless motors and servomotors.

Innovation is not limited to our products. We continue to invest in our production process to improve efficiencies, increase automation and provide more flexible product offerings. This investment shows in our product growth: Delta Line is now shipping 5x more motors than it did back in 2010.

One-Stop Supplier
Since we have control over our inhouse manufacturing processes and supply chain, we can support customized and modified motors without prohibitively high MOQ’s. Unlike extremely high-volume manufacturers, our manufacturing process was developed to support a high mix of products by design. The result is to the customer’s benefit: they can specify the exact motor they need without it becoming a high-cost product or requiring a large minimum order quantity.

Due to our years of design and manufacturing experience, our engineers know when to modify a Delta Line catalog motor and when to develop a custom, ground-up solution from the start. Since we also can provide higher-level assemblies, our customer’s supply chain is simplified when they work with Delta Line. From steppers to servos, our customers can obtain price-practical, value-added custom motor designs without high unit costs or large inventory liabilities.

The breadth and flexibility of Delta Line products is what makes us stand out in the motion control industry. We are the preferred partner for numerous OEMs due to our engineering capabilities, manufacturing flexibility, broad motion platform, geographical reach, and our nimble business structure. From our humble beginnings as a motion products distributor 40 years ago, we have grown to be an established, global manufacturer of motors and motion solutions.

New Frameless BLDC motors
Our new range of frameless brushless DC motors are ideal for space-constrained applications that require high torque density and stiffness.
New High-Speed BLDC Motors
Design and performance optimized for medical devices and other high-speed applications.
Smallest NEMA 6 Stepper motor
Thanks to its extremely compact design, our 14SH30 Hybrid stepper motor is an ideal choice for specific medical or lab automation applications.
New Smart stepper motors
Stepper motors with integrated electronics simplify design and integration, improve efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership.
New 115mm BLDC Frameless motors
High torque, smooth motion, and compact design make these motors ideal for robot joints.
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