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Delta Line's New Compact 48VDC Stepper Motor Drive: Hercules SOD203

Specifically designed to control Stepper Motors up to 48VDC in the lower power and compact size segment, the new Hercules SOD203 addresses the need for a versatile and efficient motor controller with a very attractive price point.

With a phase current up to 3A rms, Incremental or Absolute Encoder, and a compact size of just 54x54mm weighing only 27g, this new drive offers multiple fieldbus options, from Modbus RTU and CANopen (offering also an Analog input) to various Industrial Ethernet based protocols.

Compact yet powerful, the Hercules SOD203 strikes the perfect balance between integrability, cost-effectiveness, and performance. Carefully crafted by our engineering team, this modern drive caters to a wide range of segments. From intralogistics applications such as AGVs or AMRs to pump systems, it offers stepper motor up to 48VDC drive capabilities at an appealing price point.

Key Features:
  • Optimized for 48VDC Stepper Motors: 12-48VDC Power Supply
  • Backup Power Supply with Power Logic connection
  • Compact Design, Powerful Performance: with dimensions of only 54x54mm and a weight of 27g, the Hercules SOD203 handles Phase Current up to 3A rms.
  • Versatile Feedback Options: whether utilizing a standard Incremental Encoder or an Absolute BiSS-C Encoder, the Hercules SOD203 ensures precise control and seamless integration.
  • Large choice of Communication Fieldbuses: our motor drives are compatible with an array of communication fieldbuses, providing unparalleled versatility. Choose from options like RS485 ModBus RTU, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet ModBus TCP, Profinet, PowerLink, and EtherNet/IP to tailor the communication protocol to your project's specific requirements.

Our extended selection of Industrial Ethernet protocols:
  • Profinet: is a globally established and future-oriented Ethernet standard, ensuring long-term availability with particular data delivering strength, it offers value-added functions such as parallel TCP/IP communication, large configuration limits, and high speed.
  • PowerLink: an Ethernet protocol providing uncompromising performance and real-time capability with synchronization accuracy. Providing a transmission speed of 100 Mbit/s, allowing even the most demanding areas in control engineering, CNC, and robotics to be combined in a single network.
  • EtherNet/IP: allowing your motor drives to be effortlessly integrated into existing Ethernet networks, EtherNet/IP is a communication protocol, providing the standard Ethernet technology with the TCP/IP suite for industrial automation applications while enabling Internet connectivity.

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