Hyper Step: the New Fulling Range with Even More Torque

Three sizes of stepper motors with increased torque

Whether in the 20 mm, 28 mm or 57 mm size, the new range of Hyper Step stepping motors from Fulling offers even more torque without changing the overall size.


New design

By optimizing the magnetic field, the Hyper Step motors offer over 20% more torque, shaking up the meaning of state-of-the-art technology.


Performances and reliability

Manufactured to the highest requirements at the new Fulling production site in Changzhou, the Hyper Step motors offer unique performance with the same remarkable reliability as with all of the company’s other products.


The ideal solution for limited spaces

Alone or assembled to a gearbox and / or encoder, the new Hyper Step series is particularly well-suited to applications where space is limited, such as; industrial equipment, robotics, automation equipment, laboratory equipment, the textile industry and many more.

The built-in connector with supplied connection cable and significant product flexibility offered in terms of mechanical interfaces, will make your life even easier.