Delta Line announces the global launch of a complete new line of Brush DC Coreless motors, Brushless DC Slotless motors, and Gearboxes

Delta Line today announced the launch of a new range of state-of-the-art motors and gearboxes to be available globally. The new range consists of 52 product families, including Brush DC Coreless motors from 8mm to 35mm, Brushless DC Slotless from 16mm to 40mm, and the related Spur and Planetary gearboxes.


This is the first time in his history that the company launches such a massive range of products with Delta Line brand, providing an almost unlimited portfolio of solutions in the market as stand-alone products, or to integrate in Delta Line optimized systems.


“Our passionate team has done an outstanding job in a few months to make this portfolio of exciting products available to the market”, jointly say Massimo Malgorani and Marc-André Mathez, Directors of Delta Line. “With the new Delta Line range of Coreless products, we now have an exciting opportunity to serve our customers better and provide them with dedicated and optimized solutions”.


The new range of products includes a selection of Brush DC Coreless, Brushless DC Slotless, gearboxes and encoders covering a wide range of applications. “We are very pleased to introduce this new range of products in Delta Line targeted markets like Healthcare, Robotics, Security & Access and many others” says Andrea Malgorani, Product Manager. “They will also be available as part of Delta Line optimized motion systems that our Swiss Engineering team jointly develops with our customers”.


In the coming days, Delta Line will start rolling out these products in several markets across Europe and North America, as a starting point. “Today’s announcement further extends the global reach of Delta Line. These exciting products will be available to our traditional European markets, as well as North America that has been a developing channel for Delta Line over the past few years” says Lionel Munsch, Business Development Manager.


Through this exciting launch, Delta Line continues its strategy to provide state-of-the-art service and support to global customers, with a special attention to the quality of the products, keeping customer satisfaction on top of its priorities.